Pinkies up! It's time for a tea party and our lovely dessert platter is here to join the party. Platter price is for a mix of bite-sized cookies, cake truffles, and chocolates.
Platters are created per ordersnd made just for you.
Add-ons ~Our Eat me, Alice in Wonderland inspired cookies with edible images.
~What's on the platter? 
Choose from a selection of fresh seasonal fresh berries (chocolate dipped or not dipped).  Our sugar cookies, tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Our chocolate gems. Our delicious cake truffles are filled with cake pop mixed and dipped into a coating of candy melts just like our cake pops. And/or our cake bites, fresh cake drizzled with chocolate goodness. 

Custom and seasonal decor also available. We can dress up your palyter for the theme or season with inedible decorations: mini pumpkins, Christmas 🎄 decorations, faux flowers etc.

Medium platters begin at $40. Large platters begin at $50.

Contact us for per person pricing and/or custom platters.

Tea Party Platter

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