Pretty and delicious, Petit fours also known as Mini cakes.


Each cake is 2 x 2 squares. 


Minimum order of 6. Message us to order large quantities.


~Hats and Flowers (decorated as seen in the photo). Use our drop-down menu to view additional themes. 


Layers of freshly baked cake with yummy fillings. Choose from our wide variety of cakes and fillings. 

~Cake flavors: Strawberry cake, Dark chocolate, and Yellow cake

~Specialty flavors are added seasonally

~One cake flavor per set of 6



~Fillings: Apricot preserves, Nutella, Mixed berry mash, Raspberry mash, Blackberry mash, or White chocolate mousse

~Choose 2 different fillings and one cake flavor per dozen.


~Due to the amount of time and labor to make Petit fours we can not make any exceptions for mixed cake flavors.

Petit fours - Mini cakes


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