Pretty and delicious, Petit fours also known as Mini cakes. Each cake: 2 x 2 squares Pricing: begins at $3.00 each Choose from a set of 6 or one dozen. Message us to order larger quantities.


~ $40 Hats and Flowers (decorated as seen in the photo). Use our drop-down menu to view additional themes. We change our themes with every season. Layers of freshly baked cake with yummy fillings. Choose from our wide variety of cakes and fillings.


~Cake flavors: Dark chocolate or Yellow cake


~Fillings: apricot preserves, Nutella, Mixed berries, Raspberry or Blackberry One flavor of cake per dozen. You can choose 2 different fillings and one cake flavor per dozen. Due to the amount of time and labor to make Petit fours we can not make any exceptions for mixed cake flavors.

Petit fours - Mini cakes


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