Pretty and delicious, Petit fours also known as Mini cakes. These are the same pretty Petit Fours but now available in the traditional smaller size.


Our petit fours measure a tad larger than most 1.5". We give you more to enjoy. Our petit fours are sold by the dozen.


~Themes/Decorations, use our drop-down menu to view additional themes. Custom themes and decorations are available.


Our vanilla chocolate can be tinted to coordinate with your theme.  Colors not available; dark colors such as red, black, darker greens/blues, etc. as the flavor may be affected by the edible dyes.


What's in a petit four? Layers of freshly baked cake with yummy fillings. Choose from our wide variety of cakes and fillings.

~Cake flavors: Dark chocolate and Yellow cake


~One cake flavor and one filling flavor per dozen

~Due to the amount of time and labor to make Petit fours we can not make any exceptions for mixed flavors for the cake or fillings.

Petit Fours - Bite size

  • We recommend keeping them refrigerated or in a cool environment until shortly before serving.  Petit fours are best served close or at room temperature.