A scoop of filling, a layer of crushed graham crackers crumbs, or crushed cookies, whipped cream and layered into a clear cup and topped with a yummy topping of cookie crumbles, fresh berries or whipped cream. Pricing is for one dozen dessert cups.


*Please note* One flavor per dozen. Sizes: 2 oz Mini cups, we also have the larger 3 oz cups available.


We offer a variety of cup shapes.


Choose your favorite flavors: Black Forest Brownie, Biscoff, Strawberry cheesecake, Strawberry crunch, Pistachio Puddin', Banana Pudding, Cookies n Cream and Cherry Cheesecake and more. Use our drop down menu to choose your flavor. Is your fave flavor missing? We rotate flavors on and off of our menu.


Feel free to contact us to order your fave.


Decorations: Flowers, chocolate decorations, initials, seasonal sprinkles and decorations are also available.


Packaging: Dessert cups packaged in a bakery box for pickup and are not available for shipping. Mini plastic spoons are included.

Dessert Cups

  • Serving/Storage: Rememebr to refrigerate until shorlty before serving.  We doubt if you'll have any leftovers but, if you are lucky enough to hide a few away. We recooomned that you wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate. 

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