Our homebaked cake layered and filled with homemade buttercreams, ganache or frosting. All of our cakes are baked to order. We bake your cake just for you and your guests to enjoy.


Our 2 layer - 8" cake serves 20-25. 

We are happy to teach you how we cut and serve to produce the most amount of servings.  8" - 2 layer cake with basic buttercream and sprinkles.


Pretty in Pink~ My cake created in honor of our logo and one of my favorite movies. A Sweet Dreamery Custom Cake. Chocolate cake frosted with pretty pink frosting. You'll love this adorable tasty cake.


~Red Velvet ~ Sweet southern cake with a hint of cocoa and frosted with rich cream cheese frosting. Pecans are available as a garnish. Our all-time best seller!


~Vanilla Berry~ Yellow cake with a hint of pure vanilla and almond extracts. Topped with a variety of fresh berries on a bed of sweet Almond buttercream. *Seasonal berries*


~Sweet German Chocolate~ This was the first cake I baked as a kid. A sweet, light chocolate cake layered with creamy coconut pecan filling. I still love it!


~Pecan Turtle~ Our devil’s food cake layered with crunchy pecans and chocolate ganache then enrobed in decadent chocolate ganache then topped off with crushed pecans and a drizzle of caramel.


~Blackberry Ganache~ Chocolate cake layered with our blackberry mash and covered in chocolate ganache. ~Raspberry Ripple~ White cake layered with a blend of raspberry preserves and fresh raspberries and a sprinkle of sweet shredded coconut. This cake has helped me win over many folks who say they don’t like coconut or raspberry flavors!


~Butter Pecan~ Butter cake with lightly toasted pecans blended in for a delicious combination. Frosted with pecan buttercream. If you like Butter Pecan ice cream then, you’ll love this cake.


~Belizean Milk Cake~ Yellow cake with a luscious caramel glaze and maraschino cherries on top. This is the traditional Belizean cake that my family grew up eating. You will find this cake gracing the table at parties and special events.


~See-Me-Now Carrot~ Old fashioned carrot cake made with fresh carrots and a dash of spices. Frosted and layered with cream cheese frosting.


~Honey Whiskey~ A moist yellow cake infused with Honey Whiskey. Frosted and layered with Honey whiskey vanilla buttercream. This cake has been stealing the spotlight.


~Ferrero Rocher~ Chocolate cake can stand on its own. But, we love it enrobed in chocolate ganache and topped with nutty Ferrero Rocher's.


~Blue Velvet~ Beautiful hue of blue creates a striking contrast to the rich ivory cream cheese frosting that covers and fills our Blue Velvet cake. The bestie of our Red Velvet cake has many fans of his own.


~Confetti Cake~ Good old fashioned yellow cake with colorful confetti sprinkles blended in. Then frosted with vanilla buttercream and a dash of colorful sprinkles on top.


~Champagne Cake~ Cheers to you! Our bubbly champagne cake is frosted with fluffy champagne infused frosting and topped with fresh strawberries. Choose from pink or traditional champagne.  Custom order request

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